About this survey

What is this survey about?
This survey is looking at Child Welfare Reports prepared by Child Welfare Reporters and Curators ad litem within family law cases in Scotland.

Child Welfare Reports were previously called Bar Reports and Child Welfare Reporters were previously known as Bar Reporters.  This survey is interested in Child Welfare Reports AND Bar Reports.

In this survey, "Child Welfare Reports" will be used to refer to both Child Welfare Reports and Bar Reports.  "Child Welfare Reporters" will refer to both Child Welfare Reporters and Bar Reporters. 
Child Welfare Reports are often ordered as part of the Child Welfare Hearing system in private family law applications under Section 11 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995. You may know these as child welfare assessments for contact hearings. There may have been an application for a specific issue order, or in respect of who a child lives with, or spends time with (usually referred to as "residence" and "contact").

This survey is not concerned with reports submitted in cases in Children’s Hearings.
The aim of this survey is to better understand Child Welfare Reports. There has been very little research into Child Welfare Reports. There is little evidence that information has been gathered from those who have been party to, or subjects of, proceedings. 

This survey will be asking for facts about your experience of Child Welfare Reports.  You will not be asked to give your opinion, or to explain your experience in detail. 

The Children (Scotland) Bill
The Scottish Government is currently considering the appointment, regulation and training of Child Welfare Reporters as part of the Children (Scotland) Bill.  You can find out more about the Children (Scotland) Bill here: Children (Scotland) Bill

Who can complete this survey?
This survey is open to anyone aged 18 and over who has been involved in Section 11 private family law cases in Scotland. You may be a parent, grandparent, another adult - or you may have been the subject of, or party to, proceedings when you were a child.

What will you be asked?
You will be asked questions about the ages of children involved, your relationship to them, Child Welfare Reports and the recommendations made.

You will be asked basic facts about the Child Welfare Reporter and/or Curator ad litem. You will not be asked to identify the Child Welfare Reporter or Curator ad litem.

You will not be asked for any identifiable personal information as part of this survey.

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.

2% of survey complete.