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Justice for Women in conjunction with the Centre for Women’s Justice have commissioned a study examining the criminal justice response to women who kill men who have been abusive to them. Despite significant campaigning in the 1990s to reform the laws to recognise the needs of battered women, there is significant evidence that the law continues to neglect the effects of men’s violence on women’s offending (Corston 2007). While there have been recent changes to the law that aimed to address some of these issues, this research study aims to examine the impacts of these changes and identify the gaps that remain in order that outcomes for women who have killed abusive men can be improved.

The study will do this by examining legal cases; interviewing legal teams, professionals, women survivors and their families; and by close examination of existing literature and data.

We are inviting lawyers who have advised or prosecuted men and/or women who have killed, to complete this questionnaire. It will take approximately 10 mins to complete but at the end we may invite you to discuss your cases in more detail by either completing further questions or by a telephone/face-to-face interview at a time convenient to you.

All responses given in this survey, including any personal information you provide, will be kept strictly anonymous and confidential. No details of any cases, that are not already in the public domain, would be published in the report without your prior agreement. 
We can provide this questionnaire in hard copy if you prefer - please email info@centreforwomensjustice.org.uk to request a copy be sent to you.

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* 1. About you

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* 2. Have you advised a man who has killed a partner/ex-partner or, a woman who has killed a partner/ex-partner or man known to her?