Biosimilar Page Survey

Please help us to improve the Cancer Vanguard Biosimilar Adoption web pages by completing this short survey. All responses will be anonymous and the data aggregated for analysis to make improvements decisions.

* 1. How did you find out about the Cancer Vanguard Biosimilars Adoption web pages? Please tick all applicable.

* 2. Overall how useful did you find the overall content of the biosimilar web pages? Please select a star from 0 to 5 (where star 0 is not at all useful and 5 stars is extremely useful).

* 4. What was the purpose of your visit to the biosimilars adoption pages? Please select one answer that represents your main reason for visiting.

* 5. Please select your level of agreement in relation to the following statement:
As a result of visiting the web pages I feel more confident on the subject of biosimilars, and possible biosimilar adoption process requirements. 

* 6. Please tell us in a few short words what else you would like to see on the Cancer Vanguard web pages to help you implement biosimilars adoption?

* 7. Please tell us how easy you found the web pages to navigate? Please select a star from 0 to 5 (where 0 is very difficult and 5 is easy).

* 8. Please let us know what best describes you: