In YOUR Shoes - STAFF LISTENER registration form

Evidence shows when patients have a better experience of care, patient care is also safer and higher quality. And when healthcare teams work better together they deliver better outcomes, more productively.

This is why we developed our shared values. 'Our values into action' is about involving everyone in translating our values into the tangible behaviours we want to see from each other, and to inspire us to keep improving our patient and staff experience.

'Our values into action' underpins the three BIG priorities that link to our strategy - Shaping our Future Wellbeing.  

During the weeks of 19th September and 26th September 2016 we will listen to patients, staff and leaders in a range of sessions.
  • In Your Shoes – staff listen to patients and families talking about their experiences in our care
  • In Our Shoes – staff talk about what it’s like working here, and how to improve things
  • In Leaders Shoes – for leaders to discuss the drivers and barriers to quality, teamwork and improvement.
The three sessions are all different, so you are encouraged to attend two or even three if places remain. 

This form is for STAFF to register for the ‘In YOUR Shoes' PATIENT LISTENING sessions.

  • There will be around 30 patients and 30 members of staff in each session
  • Each session is 2.5 hours long for staff and 2 hours long for patients and families (who arrive 30 minutes after staff) 
  • As a 'staff listener' you will be paired up with a patient or family member and listen to their experience
  • You will help your patient or family member contribute to the group discussion 
  • You don't need any clinical experience, people from all staff groups are welcome 
  • All staff listeners will be given a full briefing before patients and families arrive

* 1. Please provide your contact details so we can send you more information about the session closer to the time.

* 4. Please select the 'In YOUR Shoes' session you would like to attend:

Thank you. You will be sent a full briefing closer to the event.