Innovation in Politics Awards Submissions

Since 2017, The Innovation in Politics Awards have honoured 598 people and projects at the forefront of political innovation.​

The awards celebrates the most exciting political innovations across Europe. It provides those involved with a platform to present their innovative projects, and facilitates best practice exchange across borders.

The RSA is the UK country representative and we need your help to find the most ambitious, innovative and transformative political innovations in the country.

 They don’t have to be overtly political or political with a big P but must meet these three criteria:

1) They must be innovative and address at least one of the following aims: Participation, Building Trust or Sustainability

2) The project must receive, or have received, public money.

3) A politician (this can be national, regional or local) is involved.

Each of these criteria are interpreted very loosely. So, even if you have some doubts, please do fill in this survey.

We look forward to reading your responses.

Question Title

* 1. What is the name of the project?

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* 2. Short description of the project:

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* 3. When was the project launched?

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* 4. Does the project aim to address any of the following: Participation, Building Trust or Sustainability

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* 5. Does the project receive, or has it previously received, public money?

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* 6. Is a politician (national, regional or local) involved in any way with the project?

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* 7. If you are happy to be contacted by the RSA People & Place team about this project, please leave your email address and/or phone number here:

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* 8. Please post links to any helpful reports or websites about the project here: