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Equi Travel Safe Customer Feedback

We invite customers who have bought and tried the Equi Travel Safe to record their feedback. This feedback will help us to improve, survey the effectiveness of the Equi Travel Safe and be used for advertising purposes.
This is an anonymous survey so please be as honest as possible.
Many Thanks for takin the time to complete this survey, we are immensely grateful.

Question Title

* 1. Why did you buy an ETS?

Question Title

* 2. Please rate the following about the Equi Travel Safe.

  Very Bad Average Excellent
Ease of use 
Peace of mind from using it
User instructions 
Navigating the website
The buying process
Value for money

Question Title

* 3. Rate the differences (if any) have you seen in your horse since using the ETS? (leave any that are don't apply)

  Worst Just the Same Considerably improved 
Horses stress levels
Other behaviour
Willingness to load
Desire to rear

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* 4. How would you rate the Equi Travel Safe over all? 

Question Title

* 5. Any comments you'd like to add?

0 of 5 answered