Wednesday 14th February, 10am - 2pm  The Royal Spa Centre, Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa, Wawickshire, CV32 4HN

Please complete a separate entry form for each performance.  Thank You.

* 1. Please enter the name of your school:

* 2. Teachers name:

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* 5. What type of school are you?

* 6. Brief description of performance:

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* 8. Number of performers in the group:

* 9. Number of teachers and adults accompanying the group - only parents assisting with transport will be admitted to the theatre due to capacity:

* 10. Music name of artist and song title:

* 11. Performance length in time  - maximum 5 minutes (if the performance is over 5 minutes this part of the performance will not be judged and points may be deducted):

* 13. A copy of the Welfare Plan and media consent can be viewed on CSW Sport's PE and School Sport website under School Games documents:

Group medical information and child emergency contact numbers must be held by the teacher accompanying pupils to the event.

The teacher must ensure photo consent or decline for all pupils has been sought prior to attending the event.  If photo consent has not been given for all pupils, no photos will be taken of the performance.

CSW Sport and partners may be filming, taking photographs and digital images of the performances and may include your pupils.  These images may appear in the media, printed publications, promotional materials and on websites.  These images may be stored and used in perpetuity.

Please type yes to confirm you have read the information above.