Welcome to the UK CSO30

The CSO30 aims to recognise 30 outstanding senior security professionals in the UK – from CSOs to CISOs, Heads of Security and equivalent – for demonstrating outstanding business value and thought leadership within their organisation.

You could be putting yourself forward, form part of a security team wanting to highlight the great things going on at your company, or a vendor wanting to nominate a customer that is leading the way.

Evaluated by a judging committee, we will recognise and celebrate 30 of the UK’s best security professionals for outstanding security leadership.

This could include the complete shake up of a company’s security strategy, new initiatives around security education or awareness, innovative ways to detect and mitigate threats, or new ways to drive business results through more secure business processes. Does that sound like your or your colleagues? If so it’s time to start writing your entry.

The winners will be invited to an exclusive ceremony later in the year where we will toast your achievements.

How to enter:

The 2020 CSO30 questionnaire is made up of four questions requiring written responses which provide CSOs the opportunity to share the achievements of their organisations and teams from the previous year. To be selected for a CSO30 Award, your nominated project or initiative must demonstrate excellence in innovation and the extent to which your organisation used security in a new way or enabled new ways of improving the organisation's security and risk posture. Your submission must also demonstrate business results and value through measurable impact, backed up by supporting data that your project has had on your organisation's business.

We will not publish your CSO30 responses, although they will be used by the CSO30 panel and cumulatively for research-based editorial about the CSO role. We will publish an overview of why a CSO and their organisation has been included in the 2020 CSO30.

If you would prefer to download the questions, please click here.

For full FAQ's, please see here.

The CSO30 is an independent product by CSO and its publishers IDG. Your responses to this survey will be used in the judging for the 2020 CSO30 of the UK's leading CSOs, and to serve as the basis for future articles about your role as CSOs in the UK - we would like to follow up with you and share your stories with our audience if this was something you wanted to contribute to. We will not share this information with any third parties.
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