This study is being conducted by two colleagues at The Careers Group, University of London: Rosalind Kemp, Information Officer Responsible for Digital Content and Laura Brammar, Senior Careers Consultant, The Research Unit. The aim of this study is to explore Careers Service Information Professionals' (CSIPs') attitudes towards their work and their professional identity. For this purpose we are seeking responses from anyone working within higher education careers services who identify their role, or part of their role, as being information work and/ or identify themselves as an information professional.

We are collecting survey responses from participants to support this research, including biographical data and opinions on various work topics. We do not collect identifying information such as your name or IP address, the information collected in this survey is anonymous. However, there is an optional field at the end of the survey to leave your email address for updates on the project. If you would like to provide these details separately, so as to limit the information you give us here, please feel free to get in touch with us directly to request updates and/ or further information on the project. You can reach us on and

All data is stored on an encrypted server and will only be used for research purposes. As well as the study outlined above, your responses may be used for further research by The Careers Group, University of London. In all cases responses will be anonymised.

* Please confirm that you understand and are happy for us to use your responses to this survey as outlined above 

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