* 1. Your name (optional)

* 2. Childs name?

* 3. Please supply your email address if you are happy for us to contact you.

* 4. Child's Year group

* 5. Is your child a recurring patient? (i.e. has he or she had more than one admission this year?)

* 7. Child's gender

* 8. Where was your child taught?

* 10. My child was made to feel welcome by the teachers.

* 11. The Hospital School provided well for the individual needs of my child.

* 12. Considering the circumstances, the amount of school time offered to my child was appropriate.

* 13. The level of work offered to my child was appropriate.

* 14. I was informed about the work my child did in The Hospital School.

* 15. The Hospital School links well with other professionals e.g. the ward staff and home school.

* 16. The work of The Hospital School helps my child feel less stressed about missing school.

* 17. The work of The Hospital School helps my child keep up with their normal schoolwork.

* 18. My child enjoys school in hospital.

* 19. Myself and my child were given adequate and appropriate support for any disabilities.

* 20. Are there any recommendations for improvements you would like to make?

We’d also like to bring ‘Parent View’ to your attention. ‘Parent View’ is an Ofsted initiative that encourages parents to share thoughts on their children’s education. We would be grateful for any additional feedback. You can access the web site at: http://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/
Thank you for helping us by answering these questions