Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a condition that is poorly understood and difficult to treat. As someone living with CRPS, you are the expert. Your knowledge and unique patient experience of CRPS is invaluable, and represents the key to developing greater disease understanding. 
In order to truly understand CRPS, we need your help. We want to hear from you about your unique patient experience and how CRPS has affected your life. To do this, the pharmaceutical company Grünenthal, a company working to develop new solutions for patients suffering from pain-related diseases, have supported CRPS patient groups to create this survey. It will cover everything from your diagnosis, through to how CRPS affects your day-to-day life and relationships. By helping us understand your disease, you are playing a central role in the journey towards developing effective pain solutions.
The aim of this research is to gain the patient perspective around CRPS and is not intended to be promotional. We will comply with all federal laws protecting your personal data. All answers you give will be anonymized and will only be reported combined with other respondent’s data, so there is no information that can identify you. It will only be anonymized summary results that will be shared with Grünenthal and used by both CRPS patient groups and Grünenthal for research purposes.
This survey should take approximately 35 minutes, but should you need to stop at any point, you can do so, and your answers will be saved so you can come back to it later. Additionally, if you would like to skip a question then just leave it blank and move on. If you would like to take part, click next to begin.

If relevant, please have your latest blood test report to hand.

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