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* 1. How does Funding Central help your work?

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* 2. Funding Central has made it easier for your organisation to find and apply for funding. Do you

* 3. How much time does Funding Central save you each week?

* 4. How do you rate these areas of Funding Central?

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Weekly tailored newsletter
Finding funding and finance opportunities easily
Website - including your profile
Content of funding and finance opportunities - accurate and easy to read
Funding search tools
Funding advice and support information

* 5. How satisfied are you with Funding Central?

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* 6. Is Funding Central value for money?

* 7. What are the best things about Funding Central?

* 8. How could we improve Funding Central?

For example would you make any changes to the guided search form, search results pages, or to your profile. Or what new features would you like to see?

* 9. How easy is it to navigate Funding Central to achieve what you need to?
For example using the funding search, finding information in your profile.

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* 10. What is the main way you use Funding Central?