The Survey

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Welcome to the registration survey for the Government Science and Engineering (GSE) profession!

Please note: We will not pass on any personal information obtained from this survey to third parties.
You will need to register through this survey even if:

·        You have previously registered for the GSE profession on our old survey.

·        You have previously registered for the GSE profession on Civil Service Learning.
 Please note, you must be a civil, public or crown servant to join the GSE profession.
Why join?
Once you have registered, you will have access to frequent updates from the GSE team, letting you know about the latest news, events and networking and learning opportunities.

Read what the Head of GSE Profession has to say about why you should sign up, and our answer to 'what's in it for me?'.

Why is personal information being collected?
There is no obligation to fill out the personal information in our survey. We only ask for this information so that we can ensure the GSE Profession is as diverse and inclusive as possible, and that we can accurately represent the interests of our members.
The GSE profession is one of 26 Civil Service professions, and one of five government analytical professions that provides evidence for policy. It is managed by the GSE Team in GO-Science, on behalf of Sir Mark Walport the Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA) is head of the profession.
It is currently made up of over 10,000 civil servants, with a background or an interest in science and engineering, who work in a range of specialist, deep specialist, policy, analytical and operation roles.
By registering with the GSE profession you will be signing up to the GSE Vision through the implementation of the GSE Strategy and delivery of the GSE profession Mission Statement.
The GSE Vision

A high profile, proud and effective GSE profession that attracts fresh talent and has a secure place at the heart of government decision making
The GSE Mission Statement
  • -Lead the way in developing high performing, adaptable and skilled people as part of the wider Civil Service vision for a "Brilliant Civil Service".
  • -Ensure our members have access to the skills and training they need to their jobs effectively.
  • -Provide access to a wide choice of careers, and the ability to move across departments and sectors.
  • -Ensure there is opportunity for all in a diverse and inclusive profession,
  • -Be a voice for all in the GSE profession, ensuring that policy makers know who we are, what we do and the vital role that our evidence and advice must play.