CREST is a national hub for understanding, countering and mitigating security threats. CREST brings together the UK’s foremost expertise in understanding the psychological and social drivers of the threat, the skills and technologies that enable its effective investigation, and the protective security measures that help counter the threat in the first place. It does so within a context of significant stakeholder and international researcher engagement, and with a clear emphasis on delivering useful research. The review seeks to provide an independent account of the impact of the Centre's research in the first three years of operation.

Through this questionnaire, we're hoping to gather evidence about the depth and breadth of the impact that CREST research has had. To help us establish an accurate picture, we would ask that you are as open and honest in your answers as possible. 

Results will be aggregated and no individual responders will be identified in any reports or outputs of this review. Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. 

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