The Children and Young People's Provider Forum brings together voluntary organisations that aim to improve outcomes for children and families in Hackney that are affected by poverty, disadvantage and inequality. 

The forum is led by 3 co chairs Ida Scoullos, Kome Owuasu and Cathy Murphy.

Hackney's children sector and is made up of a range of VCS led networks that lead on key concerns and active citizens that champion issues interest of children and families.

The Children and families sector mailing

As part of our 2017 refresh we plan to update the membership information and direct mailing list.

Please complete the membership form to outline your area of interest to:

- Support the VCS to exchange information with each other
- Connect you to the range of VCS led networks
- Co-ordinate strategy meetings that enable you to influence policy makers
- Share professional development and best practice

Thank you.

Kristine Wellington
Head of Safeguarding, Children and Families