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The Office of Civil Society (OCS) has launched a process to develop a new Civil Society Strategy. In this strategy, a wide view of 'civil society' is taken, and this includes businesses who share the mission of building a stronger society.  Across the UK, a growing number of businesses are adopting more responsible and purposeful business models, looking to meet consumers’ and workers’ changing expectations of the social contribution of business.

In order to inform the OCS strategy and ensure if reflects the interests and motives of businesses, the Young Foundation is running a survey for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enable them to contribute their views on how businesses and civil society can better work together to build a stronger society. The survey should take no longer than 9 minutes to complete.
If you are a SME, and would like to contribute to our survey, please click ok. By clicking next, you are consenting to the Young Foundation collecting and using your responses to this survey to inform a consultation response to the OCS Strategy.
We shall not name organisations when reporting on the responses to the survey, but we would like to acknowledge who took part in the survey overall. If you consent to this please click yes below.

If you have any questions, please contact: sandra.gulyurtlu@youngfoundation.org 

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