Our workshops will be open to people in small-medium sized community organisations who work directly with people experiencing housing problems. The programme will consist of non-technical workshops aimed at people who have little or no knowledge of legal issues around housing and homelessness and who work in some capacity with people who are experiencing housing problems.

Our workshops combine legal information with a focus on building skills and confidence needed to address them. We will be providing accessible legal information on key issues such as disrepairs, evictions and homelessness or other types of legal problems participants may be dealing with. The workshops will also seek to build skills for dealing with private landlords and local authorities in the context of homelessness.

We will be running 4-5 workshops, with each workshop given in 3 different locations across London.

In addition to the workshops, the programme will also include 4 strategic forums across London. We hope that these would help participants explore new approaches or strategies, and build effective alliances between communities, legal professionals, activists and campaigners and help tackle systemic issues that people face in relation to housing.

These questions are aimed at ensuring that the content of the workshops and the strategic forums are relevant to you and addresses your needs as much as possible.

It will take about 10 minutes to complete the survey.

We will be inquiring about any specific needs around accessibility in the near future as we consider different options around the schedule and venue of the program activities.