Coaching for Diversity and Equality

We are seeking coaches that can provide support to school leaders undertaking our 'Diverse Leaders' programme and our 'Women Leading in Education' programme. This survey will enable us to match coaches and coaches appropriately.

* 1. What leadership experience do you have that could be shared with others?

* 2. What coaching experience do you have, if any?

* 3. What challenges have you faced in your career and how have you overcome them?

* 4. Job title

* 5. Length of time in role?

* 6. Name of School

* 7. Full Name

* 8. Date of Birth

* 10. Gender

* 11. We are keen to support aspirational leaders wishing to balance family and career, please inform us of your family status and any experience you have had balancing family and work priorities.

* 12. Home address

* 13. Email address

* 14. Contact telephone number