Participant Information

Exploration of Community Pharmacist attitudes and beliefs on the MUR service in Northern Ireland will provide valuable insight to an integrated and collaborative MUR service which could positively impact on patient outcomes and inform future service development.

Design and Definition
The study will use an approach of quantitative and qualitative analysis of Community Pharmacist attitudes and beliefs on the Medicine Use Review Service within Primary Care in Northern Ireland. The  objective of this research is to  provide a valuable insight to the facilitators and barriers to an integrated collaborative MUR service which could have a positive impact on patient outcomes and inform future service development.          Only those community pharmacists who have experience of providing the MUR service should participate in this survey.

Procedural details
Colleagues in the Pharmacy Forum  will send the link to all pharmacists registered with the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI). Colleagues from The Northern Ireland Centre for Pharmacy Learning and Development and Community Pharmacy Northern Ireland will distribute a description of the study and link it into their newsletters via email to Community Pharmacists. The closing date will be set for 24th February.
Ethical approval has been secured from School of Biomedical Sciences Ethics filter committee at Ulster University.  By completing this survey we are assuming that you are giving your consent to participate in this study, however you are free to leave the survey at any time.
The survey is divided up into three sections:
Section 1:  Will ask you to provide  general information. 
Section 2: Will ask you to provide information regarding your experience of delivery of the MUR service.
Section 3 : Will ask you to provide your opinion on the current MUR service.

What if something goes wrong?
It is very unlikely that anything will go wrong, but if you have any concern about any aspect of this study you should ask to speak to Mrs Bronagh White chief investigator  or Professor Paul McCarron who will do their  best to answer your questions.
Lead Researcher Bronagh White
Head of School Professor Paul McCarron