This year has been hard not just for children in care but the whole world. COVID-19 has changed everything. This survey has been designed by young people in care to find out what you think about how COVID-19 has changed life for you. These answers will be used to tell anyone who works with children in care about your experiences. So that means everyone.

If you are in primary school and in care, please tell us what you think.

Before we start, please read the following:

* We do not ask for your name so your answers cannot be traced back to you.  You can be as truthful and honest as you want.

*The survey is voluntary and you do not need to answer any questions you are uncomfortable with and are free to stop at any time.

* This should only take 10 minutes to complete so please tell us what you think.

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* 1. Please tick if an adult has helped you fill in this survey:

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