The aim of this survey is to evaluate COVID-response volunteer programmes in the Humber, Coast and Vale ICS region. This research is funded by the NHS Volunteer Responder Embedding & Evaluating Project.
The results of this survey will be used to highlight strengths and weaknesses in the various programmes that used volunteers in COVID-response in this region and to suggest future improvements, volunteer crisis response methods and the legacy of our current volunteer programmes throughout the remainder of the COVID pandemic and after.

To achieve this we are asking people in the York, North Yorkshire, East Riding, Hull, North and North East Lincolnshire regions who have been helped by volunteers, volunteered themselves or used volunteers to support their clients/patients/service-users during the COVID pandemic to feed in to this research via this survey. We'd also like to hear from people who can offer insight into reasons why they weren't helped by volunteers, why they didn't volunteer themselves or didn't use volunteers to support their clients/patients/service users during the COVID pandemic.
We will be asking about your experiences with volunteers in general and in relation to specific volunteer programmes.
This research is funded by the NHS Volunteer Responder Embedding & Evaluating Project.
To achieve this we are asking
This survey presents you with an anonymous forum to express your thoughts on voluntary response to the COVID pandemic. You will be asked whether you have experience as a volunteer, as someone helped by volunteers or as someone organising volunteer support on someone else's behalf. Your experiences, opinions, and suggestions are valuable and important.

We do not ask for personally identifying data and so your answers will be anonymous. 
You can leave this survey at any time you like but any data you have filled in may still still be used in the research in perpetuity.

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