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On behalf of the Church of Scotland General Trustees, BEFS looks forward to receiving considered responses from a wide range of individuals and welcomes all responses.

However, the questionnaire has been initiated by the Church of Scotland primarily for those directly involved with the management and maintenance of their churches, and would be most suited to being answered by those with direct connections to fabric committees, kirk sessions, presbyteries and forward planning groups within those. 
Please download the full document [Click on this link, which will open in a new window:] - which discusses the possibilities for the Church of Scotland land and buildings for the future.

To enable well- informed responses you will need to have access to this document as you make your way through the survey. 
This survey will take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. 
This survey and the related information handling abides by the Privacy Notices of both BEFS and the Church of Scotland

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* 4. We will gather no personal data during this questionnaire, but there are some Church and geographic details which will help to provide a more detailed analysis of the information we receive.

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