Thank you for offering to participate in the CAA’s Active Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector General Aviation (GA) trial. This trial will run for 12 months and we would ask, if you can, to commit to the trial for this period of time.

We appreciate this is a big commitment, however the information you share throughout the trial will directly shape aviation safety by helping define how low-cost active carbon monoxide detectors will be used in UK GA. We consider your involvement in the trial to be invaluable.

We shall email the monthly Active CO Detector GA trial survey to you directly. The survey is hosted via Survey Monkey and the first month’s survey will be sent to you on Monday 27 September 2021.

Please can you complete the survey to the best of your knowledge.

To continue your registration for the Active Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector GA trial please can you provide the following details:

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* 1. Contact email address

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* 2. Aircraft make and model you mainly fly?

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* 3. Make and model of active CO detector you currently use?