Member Survey

Dear member/parent,

This survey was borne out of the Club’s Annual General Meeting which took place recently.  It has two areas of focus: 1) the club’s monthly competition, and 2) plans for a summer social event.  There is also a general comments section at the end in case you would like to add anything else.

The survey should only take about 10-15 minutes to complete, and the committee encourages you to be honest in answering.

We would like to share the results with you afterwards and will take your answers into account going forward.

Please answer by Wednesday 21 September.


In its current form, the club competition is run on the first Wednesday of the month, starting in September and going through till July the following year inclusive – i.e. 11 consecutive months – with the overall results announced during the July AGM.

Two events are run concurrently: one for those with size 2 blades (i.e. U14s), and one for those with size 5 blades.  Fights are all done to first to 5 hits in 3 minutes, and are refereed.

Question Title

* 1. With regards to the club competition's current format: what do you like about it?

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* 2. And what do you think could be improved?

Some more specific questions...

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* 3. Do you participate in the club competitions?

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* 4. Why not?
(Please move to Q8 after answering)

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* 5. What do you / would you like to get out of club competition nights?

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* 6. What about fights? - first to 5, 10, 15, or something else?

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* 7. Currently there are monthly prizes for the winner (both junior and senior) for that competition, as well as an overall prize for the winner of each category.  Do you have any other suggestions?

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* 8. Do you have any other suggestions or comments about the club competition?