CaVCA is exploring the idea of developing a circular economy in Scarborough. A circular economy is one where we make the most of the resources we have and where as little as possible is wasted.

We know that there are many people, businesses and organisations in Scarborough already doing this or working their way towards it.  We want to build a picture of what is already happening to see how this can be supported and to see what more could be developed.

Please help us by completing this questionnaire. Include anything you know of, no matter how small. 

Refer to the following map to see the things we have noted already:

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* 1. Three of the core practises of a circular economy are reuse, reduce, and recycle.

Please list the businesses or projects you know of that employ or promote any of these practises.

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* 2. Please list any organisations you know of that are working together to reduce waste, for example by sharing resources.

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* 3. A circular economy relies on localised supply chains. Please list those businesses you know of involved in the production or sale of local produce.

This can include handmade items, such as jewellery or craft items etc.

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* 4. Please list any other existing initiatives that you consider relevant.

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* 5. Please list any initiatives that are being considered but have not yet been implemented.

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* 6. Please provide details of any initiatives/ideas that you think could contribute to the circular economy in Scarborough.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. If you know anyone with a good knowledge of the area or the subject matter, please pass the survey on.
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