The CLEAR Project offers a range of training and development opportunities for Community and Voluntary groups based in the west of the province to address the themes of Suicide Prevention, Self-harm, Drugs and Alcohol Misuse. To ensure that The CLEAR Project is meeting the required training needs and development opportunities of participants, could you please complete the following questions:

* 1. What is the name of the community / voluntary organisation you are involved with?

* 2. Are you a volunteer or paid worker with this organisation?

* 3. What is your profession or occupation?

* 4. Do you or your organisation deal with people who present with (please tick against each category):

  Never Rarely (Once per year) Occasionally (2-4 times per year) Often (5-12 times per year) Frequently (more than 12 per year)
Emotional Distress
Mental ill-health
Suicidal Behaviour

* 5. How often does your organisation recruit new staff or volunteers who require training?

* 6.
The CLEAR project aims to increase networking and from time to time we organise networking events and consultations inviting health officials including GP’s along to these event to meet community and voluntary sector representatives who are providing services.
Could you list below any Lectures or Guest Speakers we could organise for you, relevant to the themes of Suicide Prevention, Self-harm, Drugs and Alcohol Misuse?

* 7. Is this something you or your organisation would like to participate in?

* 8.
The Public Health Agency (PHA), in conjunction with the CLEAR Project, have developed the Standards Toolkit for Promoting Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention.
Are you aware of these standards?

* 9. Would you like more information about these Standards?

* 10.
Below is a list of training we have provided in the past. Please indicate if you would like to attend this training and/or if this will support you to provide your service:

  I would like to attend this training This training will support me to provide my service
SafeTALK (1/2 day)
Mental Health First Aid (2 day)
Anger Management (2 day)
Alcohol Management and Relapse prevention (1/2 day)
Importance of Compassion in Working with Self-Harm (1 day)
Motivational Interviewing Level 1 (2 day)
Motivational Interviewing Level 2 (2 day)
Working with Children / Young People Matter (3 days)
Referral Procedures Training (1/2 day)
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (1/2 day)
Section 75 (1/2 day)
Awareness of standards (1/2 day)
Disability Equality Awareness (1/2 day)
Self Harm & The Family (1 day)
Resilience Training (1/2 day) 
Healthy Literacy (1/2 day)
ASIST Training (2 day)
Self-care (1 day)
Impact of alcohol on self-harm & Crisis intervention (2 day)
Self-harm and the family (1 day)
Privacy policy notice:

* 11. Tick the box below to give consent to the CLEAR project to contact you by email.  This consent will not be used for any other purposes. 
You can contact the Data Protection lead by email on, by telephone 028 7161 1384 or by post at the following address; Developing Healthy Communities, Lilac Villa, Gransha Park, Derry~Londonderry, BT47 6TG.

The CLEAR project has a limited budget for training but we will endeavour, where possible, to provide the requested training.
Thank you for completing the survey, your input is valuable to us.