Fenland District Council is proposing a change to its Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme (also known as Council Tax Support). If implemented, this would mean people who are of working age and claiming Council Tax Reduction would see an increase in the amount of Council Tax they have to pay.

Each year the Council must decide whether to change the Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme (LCTRS) for working age applicants in its area. Decisions about changes to the scheme need to be considered alongside the wider challenges being faced by local authorities. As government funding continues to decrease, we need to strike a balance between a revised scheme that is fair and affordable for those who receive support and also for all our residents who receive council services.

Fenland District Council faces significant savings targets over the next four years which have been severely impacted by Covid-19.

Changes to the council tax support scheme will contribute to those savings and reduce the possibility of having to reduce council front line services.

However, the changes proposed in this consultation will not be sufficient in themselves to meet the Council’s savings targets. Further efficiencies and/or income generation schemes will be required in order to meet the significant financial challenges over the next four years.

Therefore, it is very important that you, our local residents, give us your views to help shape our new scheme starting in April 2021.

Currently, working age recipients of Council Tax Reduction must contribute at least 14% towards their Council Tax. The Council is considering increasing the minimum contribution to either 20%, 25% or 30%. 
Example Scenarios

Image showing example scenario of a couple with 2 children

This consultation is open from Monday 28th September until Sunday 20th December.

Fenland District Council has not made any final decision about the new Council Tax Reduction Scheme yet – your views and ideas will help them make those decisions.

Feedback will then be considered before Council makes a final decision in early 2021.

If agreed, any change would come into effect from April 2021.

The proposed change would not apply to people who have reached state pension age.
Your Feedback

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1. Are you a Fenland District Council resident?

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2. Are you of working age?

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3. Are you in receipt of Council Tax Reduction?

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4. Do you agree that the Council should make cost savings by reducing the amount of Council Tax Reduction paid to working age people?

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5. What do you think the minimum amount of Council Tax paid by working age people in receipt of Council Tax Reduction should be?

  Approve Disapprove Not sure
Stick with 14%
Increase to 20%
Increase to 25%
Increase to 30%

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6. Please tick the boxes that apply to you:

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I get a Council Tax bill from Fenland District Council now
My Council Tax bill shows a reduction called 'Council Tax Support'
I currently get Housing Benefit from Fenland District Council

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7. If you have any other thoughts or comments on the proposals, please leave them here:

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