FM World December 2017 Think Tank: should HR and FM work together?

Think Tank: The future workplace - how should HR and FM work together?

* 1. FM and HR aspire to a similar goal. Both are required to meet the aims of the organisations they serve, supporting activities from both operational and legislative perspective. Opportunities for crossover and common cause between the two departments seem countless.

HR already has a key role to play in the delivery of FM. Whether contracted out or delivered in-house, both FM and HR are about people delivering services to the business and the teams on the ground making a positive impact on organisational efficiencies. In recent years, the idea of the facilities manager as most powerful and important figure in the future workplace has gained currency. However, a report from architectural practice Unispace suggests that HR will have greater ownership of the physical workplace in the future as human resources becomes more focused on the employee “experience”. 

The concept of a ‘chief workplace officer’ has already been suggested in The Stoddart Review’s ‘Workplace Advantage;’ report. How does this connect both HR and FM?

How should the relationship between these two great ‘departments of empowerment’ develop from here? Where should the boundaries lie, and how best should the relationship between the two be structured?

So, our Think Tank question this month is:

Who is best placed to be a workplace curator: