CIPFA and iMPOWER recently ran a small survey of 30 CFOs within Health and Local Government on relationships across Health and Social Care. Even from the small sample we have, we gained some fascinating indicative insight and would now like to widen the survey, to find out more about how relationships are working, and to identify the key drivers behind creating a sustainable system of integrated services.

The survey should only take 5-10 minutes to complete, and your input will be disseminated into a jointly written report, identifying the key trends and proposing a workable way forward for integrated services in Health and Social Care which we will launch at the CIPFA Conference in July. Your individual responses will of course be kept confidential.

Many thanks,

Sarah Atkinson, Director iMPOWER Consulting and Jane Payling, Head of CIPFA’s Health and Integration Faculty.

* 1. What type of organsiation do you work for?

* 2. What is your role?

* 3. Please indicate which STP area you work within (not compulsory)?

* 4. What is the current position in terms of collaboration and joint working across health and social care in your area?

* 5. How strong are the relationships between NHS and Local Authorities?

* 6. How have relationships changed in the past 12 months

* 7. To what extend do you believe that the future financial sustainability of your service requires genuine collaboration across health and social care over the next 3 years?

* 8. What impact has the STP had on relationships across health and social care?

* 9. Can you provide examples of good practice in your area in relation to collaboration and joint working across health and social care?

* 10. What benefits do you expect collaboration and joint working to have?

* 11. Where do you think the largest opportunities for collaboration and joint working exist in your area for the future?

* 12. How important is investing in the following in the next 3 years

  Essential Important Neutral Not important Actively dis-investing
Self Management
Proactive Care
Acute Care
Community Care
Social Care

* 13. Which of the following new models of care are you pursuing in your area?

* 14. To what extent are these new models of care reliant on collaboration and joint working?

* 15. To what extent will these new models of care enable collaboration and joint working?

* 16. What is getting in the way of collaboration and joint working across health and social care?

* 17. To what extent will the Better Care Fund support and enable collaboration and joint working moving forward?

* 18. What is the biggest area to which you expect to commit the additional social care funding (£2bn nationally)?

* 19. To what extent will the implementation of an STP support and enable collaboration and joint working moving forward?

* 20. What do we need to change to better promote collaboration and joint working?

* 21. Will we see a fully integrated health and care system in the next 5 years?

* 22. If you wish to recieve the results of the survey direct please enter your name and email address here.  If you wish remain anonymous but would like the survey results please email directly.