In the words of David Clutterbuck, everybody needs a mentor. No matter who you are or what you do, mentoring is a fantastic chance to help you grow and perform even better as a HR professional through the experience and support of those who have been faced with and triumphed over similar obstacles.

Using CIPD’s values, we explain why our mentoring scheme is a must have for all our members:

Purposeful – unlock your true potential! Our mentoring scheme is dedicated to helping our members identify areas for development through constructive challenge, breaking down barriers, helping view situations in different ways and put in place bespoke improvement plans.

Agile – mentoring is for the 21st century too! Sometimes busy and demanding lives mean we feel we have sparse time for ourselves. As well as local ‘coffee catch ups’, we use the latest technology, enabling mentees greater access to mentors, no matter where or what business or home pressures arise.

Collaborative – expand your network, open doors and learn from each other! Our mentoring scheme is not only designed to provide our members with clarity, care and confidence, we offer a sounding board and access to the latest tools, tips and advice.

Expert –mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their field of expertise that they can share with you, providing a unique opportunity to give you an ‘insiders’ perspective, helping you shape your career to achieve your aspirations or problem solve the here and now.

To ensure you get the most from our mentoring scheme, we partner you with the right mentor who has the right skills and experience for you. In order to do so, we want to get to know you a little better. All you need to do is click 'next' to answer a few quick questions, in confidence, then leave the rest to us.