Groundbreaking research that will help transform project delivery

Many thanks for taking the time to contribute to this valuable research. We assume you have already visited and are at Step 4 so therefore you will: 
  • know what the research is aiming to achieve
  • have identified your iMA colour style
  • and have reviewed the iMA Praxis Framework materials.
At the end of the survey you will be offered the chance to be actively involved or kept up to date with the latest developments by joining our new LinkedIn group which has been set up for this particular purpose.


* 1. What is your iMA Colour Style (you should have identified this after completing the 3 minute Diagnostic at

* 2. Do you think your iMA colour style is a reasonable reflection of your communication and engagement style?

* 3. Do you believe the description in the iMA Praxis Framework pages reflects your colour style?

* 4. Do you think that further developing our understanding of iMA attributes and how they impact project, programme and portfolio management will be of value to the profession?

Many thanks for taking the time to complete the survey, your feedback is greatly appreciated. If you would like to be kept up to date with developments or contribute further please request to join the iMA Praxis Framework Initiative group on LinkedIn. You can also contact us directly on or

We are initially looking for 100 responses after which the survey will be closed for analysis. Development work is ongoing and further research surveys are planned.