1. Introduction

This survey is designed to collect the views of a wide range of harbour users - moorings holders, boating visitors, commercial operators, local residents, local organisations and visitors.
The purpose is to understand what people know and think about the statutory duties carried out by Cowes Harbour Commission and the facilities we run. Your answers will help to deliver improvements and to shape our future plans.
There are only 25 questions, and you can choose which to answer. You can provide as much or as little detail as you'd like. Please note that you can't resend or edit responses once sent - please check you've covered all the points you want to make before pressing 'submit'. Your responses will be anonymous.
The survey runs from 29 April to 1 June 2022. 
We will publish feedback and insight in our e-newsletter, social media and website, with initial results available later in the summer.
Background - About Cowes Harbour
Cowes Harbour Commission is responsible for managing Cowes Harbour. Our area of authority extends from just north of the breakwater to the Folly and our duties include maintaining safe navigation, keeping the port open and ensuring the harbour's future.
Cowes Harbour Commission has no shareholders and is run for the benefit of all harbour users, with any surplus reinvested. We receive no funding from local or national governments.
The Commission has 30 seasonal and permanent staff and is overseen by a board of volunteer commissioners. In addition, we regularly consult with an advisory committee to ensure there is two-way contact with local marine organisations.
17% of survey complete.