Help shape the CHA of the future by completing this survey

In order to be fit for the future the CHA committee is undertaking a review of the CHA, and is seeking views from stakeholders, members and potential members about what sort of service would be valued in the future.

Even if you have not been directly involved with the CHA in the past, we are keen to hear your views and aspirations for supporting the work of community hospitals and the CHA, so do please complete this survey.

The Community Hospitals Association is a voluntary organisation offering membership to those involved with community hospitals and community services across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Membership is offered to hospitals, organisations such as Leagues of Friends, as well as individual staff such as nurses, allied health professionals, GPs, social workers, volunteers and many more.

The CHA promotes the role, function, innovations and potential of community hospitals, through work on policy, research, publications and sharing news stories.

The CHA supports members through networking, sharing information and innovation, providing resources, and offering advice.

In order to keep members updated, the CHA mails a regular newsletter, and runs regular annual conferences.

Thank you for helping us shape the CHA's future.

For reference and further information:

CHA is our website for Membership and Conference details.

CHARM is our Community Hospitals Research and Media .website

How important to you is it to sustain these different roles of the CHA?

Question Title

* 1. A National and Local Voice?

  Unimportant Of little Importance Moderately important Important Very Important
Promoting the role and function of Community Hospitals?
Providing advice on the strategic role of Community Hospitals?
Supporting communities to have a voice in the planning of their local health and social care?
Contributing to Policy Debates on Community Hospitals?

Question Title

* 2. Networking and hosting an annual conference?

  Unimportant Of little Importance Moderately important Important Very Important
Hosting of the annual conference?
Promoting of and sharing Innovations and Best Practice?
Access to a wider Community Network?

Question Title

* 3. Evidence base and research?

  Unimportant Of little importance Moderately important Important Very important
Active involvement in Research and Evidence?
Encouraging teaching and research in Community Hospitals?
Supporting the application of evidence from research to inform practice, service development and planning?

Question Title

* 4. Provider of resource?

  Unimportant Of little importance Moderately important Important Very important
Access to Information Database for sharing information?
Advice on service developments and innovations?
Support through periods of change?
Assistance in enhancing and maintaining standards of care?

Question Title

* 5. The benefits of CHA membership?

  Unimportant Of little importance Moderately important Important Very important
Networking opportunities through conferences and professional networks?
Value of the annual conference?
Value of a regular Newsletter (this could be digital in the future)?
Access to Members Area of CHA website for resources etc?
Preferential rates on annual conference fees?
Access to telephone Advice and Support?
Value of the Innovations and Best Practice Awards programme?
Value of the CHA website? 
Value of the Community Hospitals Research website? 
Now turning to the future ...

Question Title

* 6. Please would you rank your preference for the CHA conferences in the future?

Question Title

* 7. Are there other ideas you feel the CHA should consider?

  Great idea Good idea OK idea Unlikely to make use of this
Online forum for exchange of ideas?
Facilitating local meetings in regions?

Question Title

* 8. What would you like to see the CHA do more of (or differently) in the future?

And finally a little about you and your view ...

Question Title

* 9. Membership of the CHA?

  Yes No Not sure
Is your Community Hospital a Member?
Are you an Individual Member
Is your Organisation a Member (e.g. League of Friends, Exhibitor, Private Company)? Please specify

Question Title

* 10. Please would you tell us how you would describe your professional role? Feel free to tick all that apply

Question Title

* 11. Do you consider the CHA membership to be value for money?

Question Title

* 12. Would you recommend the CHA to other interested parties?

Question Title

* 13. Would you be prepared for us to contact you for more detailed discussion? If so, please add your email address here.

Question Title

* 14. Are you able to give us details for a contact for the designated lead for your Community Hospital or Organisation?

Thank you for your time and help with our survey. We will use it to shape the future of the CHA.

If you are not member and would like to be, here is a link to the application form:

If you have further comments you would like to add, you may email us on: