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This questionnaire is designed to generate pupil voice on teaching, learning and behaviour. The feedback from Al-Hijrah pupils, will ensure we improve and develop systems and practices within our school, according to the needs of our pupils and the very best welfare for them.

* 1. Lessons are interesting and often fun?

* 2. The teachers give me encouragement and the confidence to work hard and improve my learning?

* 3. I find it easy to ask the teacher when I need help?

* 4. I know what I need to do to make progress in my work?

* 5. I feel safe at Al-Hijrah School?

* 6. I know who to go to, if I have a concern?

* 7. Teachers deal with all cases of bullying, when its' reported in an effective manner?

* 8. I have a chance to take part in a range of activities in the school?

* 9. A lot of emphasis is placed on praising pupils and rewarding them for good work and behaviour.?

* 10. Any other comments?