These questions are similar to the exam for CH1 - give them a go!

* 1. In relation to Insurance what is risk?

* 2. FUEDI is an organisation which seeks to do which of the following?

* 3. The contra proferentem rule relates to ?

* 4.  Insurable Interest was defined in which of the following

* 5. The presentation of the risk under the Insurance Act 2015 must be

* 6. Which of the following cases provided a definition of Proximate Cause?

* 7. Which  of the following words do NOT appear in the definition of Proximate Cause?

* 8. Subrogation concerns which of the following?

* 9. Which of the following must exist for fire as meant by an Insurance Policy to exist?

* 10. Harris v Poland is an example of which of the following?