Owning our building

For the past two years, Craigshill Good Neighbour Network has operated from the old Craigshill Library, next to the Beatlie School and opposite the Co-op and Almondbank Centre. We've run exercise and dance classes, social activities, craft sessions, a book group, a lunch group, a men’s group and a shop selling the creations made by volunteers. This year, we've provided practical help including essential items, kept in touch by phone, online, by post and doorstep visits, and we're looking forward to opening our doors again when it's safe to do so. 

We want to invest in improvements that will make our base at the old Craigshill Library more spacious, functional and accessible, and add new facilities for everyone in Craigshill to use. Owning the building will help us to do this, but we will only do this if the community wants it, if it will make a difference and be financially viable.

To ensure that this is the case, we want to ask your views, whether or not you're a member of CGNN. Please take a few minutes to fill in this short survey. 

This survey is part of independent research by Community Enterprise on behalf of Craigshill Good Neighbour Network. All answers are confidential. Survey responses are recorded on Survey Monkey whose privacy policy can be viewed here. Community Enterprise's privacy policy can be viewed here.

If you would prefer to complete this survey on paper, pick up a copy from Craigshill Good Neighbour Network. If you would like help completing this survey or have any questions, please contact judith@communityenterprise.co.uk or call 07927118995.

Thank you for your time!