Welcome to this EuCheMS community consultation regarding ECC7, which follows the recent message from Prof Bengt Nordén, chair of the ECC7 scientific committee, to EuCheMS Divisions, Working Parties, the European Younger Chemists’ Network and EuCheMS Member Societies.   

Prof Nordén would value your ideas regarding possible scientific themes, scientific committee members and plenary speakers for ECC7. There is also a space at the end of the survey to provide additional comments. You may find the list of previous and current ECC themes below useful as a starting point.    

Thank you for taking the time to contribute your ideas at this early stage in the development of ECC7. There will be a second round of consultation to ask for your suggestions about more detailed aspects of the Congress such as convenors, invited speakers and special symposia.

We look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool in 2018.

Rebecca Quine
Manager, Events
Royal Society of Chemistry
April 2016

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