What research do charities and donors need?


We want to know the views of charities (registered, non-registered and exempt), voluntary and community organisations, community-interest companies, churches and faith-based organisations, funders, foundations, individual donors and social enterprises.

What evidence, information and data do you need? What research could help you?

Please take part in a 10-minute survey and help shape the future of research for the charitable sector.

This project is run by Giving Evidence and Charity Futures. More
information is on our website.

What do I have to do?

Tell us what research could make a difference to you. We want to know what research, data, evidence, information or insight you would find useful. This might be for making decisions, addressing challenges or simply carrying out your work.

You do not need to know about research.

We are not looking for questions about fundraising (i.e., about finding / managing / retaining donors, or raising funds) as this topic is already relatively well-researched.
We are interested in your questions and comments about charities and giving. This might include, for example:
● Governance and management of charities and/or of funders
● Recording, measuring and reporting
● Consulting with staff and the people they reach
● Costs and effectiveness
● Managing grantees and/or applicants
● Decisions about who to give to, how much, and how to give
● Ways of collaborating
● Communicating more effectively
● Approaches to managing risk or uncertainty
● Campaigning and influencing
● Sustainability
● Volunteers and peers

What happens to my response?

All survey responses will be analysed. We will then carry out a second consultation to identify the priority areas for research. You have the option to take part in this.

We expect to publish a report in early 2019.This will be promoted to academic researchers and bodies that fund research.

Your participation is anonymous. You / your organisation won’t be identifiable in our reporting.

If you have any questions or would like to be kept informed about the project, please contact Christopher Penny at Charity Futures: Christopher@charityfutures.org