* 1. Did your child enjoy the free music provision they received in year 4?

* 2. Did you enjoy the free music provision your child received in year 4?

* 3. How often did your child practise their instrument?

* 4. If you had the opportunity to learn or play an instrument with your child, would it encourage you to let them continue with instrumental tuition?

* 5. Is the process of hiring an instrument through the Essex Music Hub clear? 1=easy / 5=difficult.

* 6. If your child no longer has instrumental tuition in year 5, please tick the reasons that fit best.

* 7. Only answer this question 7and 8 if you ticked option e. and f. of question 6.
Are you aware that there are subsidies available to help pay for instrumental tuition in certain circumstances?

* 8. If instrumental tuition was still free, would you want your child to continue learning an instrument?