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What are the FEA HRC Trend Trails?
We are working in collaboration with Montgomery Group to bring you FEA Trend Trails. This opportunity is available to FEA members already exhibiting at HRC 2020 and those wishing to exhibit.

We are giving you the option to align up to ten of your products to the 15 pains. To do this you will need to have some specific product information available. We will require your product, name, type or model, and a brief description. In addition to this we will require and image of the product, a BIM model is the preferred format.

What are the Pains?
There are 15 Operator Pains that you can align your products to; Sustainability, Waste Management, Overhead and Cost Reduction, Energy Management, Rising Food Costs, Standards and Regulations, New and Emerging Technology, Work-flow Optimisation, Worker Productivity, Employee Retention, Working Environment, Customer Service, Food Quality, Food Safety and Food and Flavour Trends.

Ten Products
You can add a maximum of ten products if you wish or just the one, the decision is entirely up to you. Each product you add can be aligned to five pains.

Further to signing up for FEA HRC Trend Trails both FEA and Montgomery Group may use product submission content for marketing purposes.

FEA Rebrand
We will be exhibiting as the FEA on stand P621. Be sure to come and find us.

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