About this call for evidence
The Women's Equality Network (WEN) Wales is issuing this call for evidence to hear from civil society in Wales about the progress and gaps in the Welsh and UK government’s implementation of the commitments set out in the UN CEDAW Convention. We welcome evidence and recommendations from the women’s sector and wider civil society, as well as members of the public who wish to contribute.

The deadline for submitting evidence is Monday 5th March 2018.

What is CEDAW?
The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (the CEDAW Convention) is a powerful tool for articulating, advocating and monitoring women’s human rights here in Wales and around the world. Welsh civil society has a very important role to play in holding the Welsh and UK governments to account through monitoring their implementation of the treaty.

The UK government is required to submit periodic reports to the UN CEDAW Committee, a body of independent experts, every four years on progress made in removing obstacles to equality and promoting women’s rights. Their report addresses the substantive articles of the CEDAW Convention. The UK has just issued its eighth periodic report (see ‘useful links’), which will be reviewed by the CEDAW Committee in February 2019 (tbc).

Civil society has an opportunity to feed into this process. Governments’ assessments of their progress are often incomplete and tend to minimise problems and maximise accomplishments, which is why civil society organisations are encouraged to submit their own ‘shadow report’ to provide a more rounded view of progress.

WEN Wales has secured some funding to produce a Wales shadow report, in partnership with the Wales Assembly of Women (WAW), and contribute to the UK shadow report. We would like to produce this report in a participatory way, gathering evidence from across the women’s sector and civil society in Wales, through: a number of face-to-face consultations; input from a Steering Group made up of civil society representatives; and responses to this call for evidence.

Useful links
The CEDAW Convention:  

The 2013 CEDAW Committee’s Concluding Observations and Recommendations to the UK government following its seventh periodic report: 

The UK government’s eighth periodic report (November 2017):

The UK government’s seventh periodic report (written in 2011, useful if you wish to check government commitments made in the last review):