Acknowledged as the “golden thread” that runs through Sport England’s strategy Towards an Active Nation, the development of an appropriate workforce* – whether sport, physical activity and non-sport organisations - equipped to:
  • tackle high levels of inactivity in society
  • build positive attitudes to sport and physical activity in children and young people
  • help those who are already active, to remain active for life
is central to the effective and sustainable delivery of Active Durham’s framework targets - Active Durham.
*workforce - the people within an organisation, whether employed or volunteers, that provide a service or provision to 'customers'. 
County Durham Sport and its partner organisations, is seeking your views and opinions about the workforce required to deliver an "active County Durham" in the future; specifically, to develop a workforce plan for 2019-21. Note: If you consider your organisation to be a non-sport organisation, please provide your responses from the perspective of the role that your organisation, and workforce, can/may play in supporting an "active County Durham".  
Your feedback is very important to understanding what is needed now and in the future. Please click on the 'Next' button below to answer a small number of questions to help this process - it should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete. 
This questionnaire is being managed and analysed by independent consultancy Logic Edge. Your feedback will be confidential and no person's/organisation's response will be shared with anyone external to Logic Edge. The findings from all responses will be thematically analysed and will remain anonymous. If you have any questions about the questionnaire, please email the Project Lead, Warwick Andrews, at