This survey is being undertaken to explore your career and circumstances since you graduated from the National Centre for Circus Arts (NCCA). The answers that you provide will be used to inform NCCA and the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama (CDD, of which NCCA is a part) about your career development and progression and how to support graduates better in future.

Your responses will be confidential to the research team and will not be shared with NCCA. All results used in the report/s we write will be anonymised so you will not be identifiable.

All questions in the survey are voluntary except where marked with an asterisk indicating that an answer is necessary in order to lead you to a linked question (or so that we can analyse responses for certain key groups). However, please answer as many questions as you can as the findings will be more valuable if there are more responses.  The survey should not take you more than 15 minutes at most.

If you have any queries, please use the link or name given in your invitation email, which also contains a link to the data privacy notice for this survey.

Question Title

* 1. Do you consent to participating in this research and your results being used in anonymised form in a report based on this research?

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* 2. Do you consent to your responses being held by the CDD for the purpose of future research including any further career tracking?  (Please note that your individual responses will not be shared with NCCA)

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* 3. Do you consent to your contact details being held by the CDD and NCCA for the purpose of further contact with you as one of its graduates?

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* 4. If you have given one or more of these consents, please provide your contact details here

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* 5. Are you a graduate of (i.e. did you undertake a course at) NCCA?

6% of survey complete.