Vision4Whaley Neighbourhood Plan Community Questionnaire.

This is a Questionnaire about you and Whaley Bridge.
It has been created by the group Vision4Whaley.
What is Vision4Whaley?
Vision4Whaley in conjunction with Whaley Bridge Town Council is producing a Neighbourhood Plan for the area to guide the planning and future development of Whaley Bridge up to 2035. 

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
The Neighbourhood Plan will enable the local community to have more say in what kind of development is allowed in the area, including protecting key assets and Local Green Spaces.  It is produced by local people for their own areas and is only brought into force after a majority vote by residents in a local referendum. Neighbourhood Plans carry weight - they are part of the statutory planning system. This means that High Peak Borough Council will have to take the policies and proposals in the Whaley Bridge Neighbourhood Plan into account when it makes decisions on planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area.

Why should I complete this Questionnaire?
It is very important that local people are able to have a say about what goes into the Neighbourhood Plan. We are consulting the local community now, before any plans or proposals have been made, so that people can influence what goes into the Neighbourhood Plan. This Questionnaire plays a big part in this. You can also be entered into our Free Prize Draw to win £50 of local shopping vouchers!

What do I do next?
This questionnaire will take about 30-35 minutes to complete so please allow yourself sufficient time to finish.

Some things to note:
We will need your replies back by Monday 17th August 2020

Personal details will not be used for any purpose other than to verify the information given and to keep you updated with progress. They will also be used to contact you in the event of you winning the prize draw. You may choose not to have your personal details included on this questionnaire.

Prize Draw: Draw to be held after the questionnaire closes, the winner will receive £50 of local shopping vouchers and will be notified via email. 

Ready to go?

Let’s make a start…..

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Whaley Bridge Neighbourhood Area

Whaley Bridge Neighbourhood Area