A Survey for Dance Professionals and Organizations in Canada
Re-imagining Service Organizations: Decolonizing Canadian Dance” was initiated by the Canadian Dance Assembly as a multi-year investigation to re-imagine service for the dance sector and an organizing structure to deliver on that service. 

The intention is to transform service for dance to be radically open, inclusive, and more reflective of Canada’s identity. This initiative aims to identify areas of duplication and gaps in service, while creating new opportunities for underserved communities and evolving with the current social and political landscape in order to truly serve the national sector.

This short survey aims to capture the views of anyone working in the dance sector in Canada. Your participation in this survey is critical to ensure that any future reshaped dance service ecosystem meets the needs of all its stakeholders.
The survey has 10 questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.
The data gathered through this survey will be used for analysis by the research team only, and anonymized extracts may be used to illustrate the research findings, with any identifiable information about respondents removed in advance. No individual responses will be shared with CDA or other third parties. All data will be stored in compliance with relevant data protection legislation.
This survey is being conducted by James Doeser and Melissa Wong, an independent consulting team appointed by the Canadian Dance Assembly with funding from the Metcalf Foundation.

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