Cambridge City Council has launched the ‘Cambridge Canopy Project’ which seeks to increase tree canopy cover in the City and contribute to the sustainable management of our local urban forest. By protecting our existing trees and increasing their number through a short period of intensified planting, the project aims to make Cambridge better prepared for the predicted changes brought about by climate change.

There are more than 300,000 trees in Cambridge, and by far the greatest proportion (74%) of these are privately-owned in household gardens and on other institutional land. The greatest land area in the city also is made up of private ownership (77%). We know that there are more than 40,000 houses with gardens in Cambridge. If each one of these households planted a single new tree in their garden, we could collectively grow the total number of trees in the city by more than 10%. This would have a hugely positive impact on our collective efforts to adapt to, and mitigate against, climate change.

In order to help us achieve this ambition, we’d like to understand more about the public’s perception relating to trees in private gardens. Please could you help us by sparing 5-10 minutes to complete this survey and contribute to this important cause which will impact on us all in the years ahead?

Privacy statement: The information and data you provide in this survey will be used by Cambridge City Council only, and explicitly for the purposes of the Cambridge Canopy Project and our wider Tree Strategy for the City. Your data will not be passed onto any third party and will only be stored for the duration of the current Tree Strategy (until 2026). If you would like to read more about our data protection policies, click here.
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