We are forming a new agroforestry innovation group in the UK. The purpose of the group is to improve practice in agroforestry by sharing existing knowledge and by identifying gaps where more information or research would be helpful. This is part of a wider European project, AFINET, led in the UK by Abacus Agriculture and the Organic Research Centre.

As a start we have put together this short survey to establish a list of people intersted in finding out more and/or getting involved and to understand a bit more about peoples interests and motivations. Please note, signing up does not entail any commitment on your part.

We will really appreciate your contribution. Many thanks.

Jo Smith, Sally Westaway and Kevin Waldie (the Organic Research Centre)
Ian Knight and Stephen Briggs (Abacus Agriculture)

* 3. Which areas of agroforestry are important to you – tick as many as you like

  Interested in Experience of Currently practicing
tree fodder
fruit production
energy production
timber production
tree management
wildlife/ biodiversity
game management

* 4. What have been the biggest problems you have faced in setting up an agroforestry system or what are the barriers to you setting up an agroforestry system?

* 5. What solutions have you found? What worked?

* 6. What additional information on agroforestry would be useful for you in the future?

* 7. If you would like to be part of a new agroforestry innovation group and be kept up to date on agroforestry activities and events please fill in your contact details below (your details will not be shared)

* 8. Any additional comments?