A message from James Corah

Welcome to our Charity Client Survey.

A large number of our charity clients, particularly those who invest via the COIF Charities Ethical Investment Fund, seek to reflect their values in their investment strategies. Furthermore, most trustees are aware that a hard-won reputation can be undermined by inappropriate investments. For this reason, we have ethical investment policies in our range of pooled funds for charities.

We also recognise that ethical investment priorities differ from charity to charity. Consequently, our pooled funds implement different policies that are driven by the wishes of unit holders. Our Investment Fund is designed to meet the needs of charities who are ‘reputationally aware’, with a limited number of restrictions on activities like the production of weapons that are banned by international treaties (such as cluster munitions). The Ethical Fund, in contrast, is designed for charities who want a more ‘hands on’ approach to ethical investment.

We know that charities’ ethical priorities evolve over time. To help ensure that our ethical investment policies properly reflect your views we are conducting a short client survey.

We would be really grateful if you would respond, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time to answer. The, full, current ethical investment restrictions, and more information about this survey, are available in the ‘Stewardship and Ethics’ section of the CCLA website.

We are aware that some COIF Investment and COIF Ethical Investment Fund clients would like to transfer between the two funds. After the survey has completed we will be offering clients a special opportunity to do so at low cost in 2018.

If you have any questions, or would like to register your interest in transferring between our multi-asset funds, please do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager or CCLA’s Client Service Team.

Thank you for completing the survey.

Best wishes,

James Corah,
Head of Ethical and Responsible Investment

A quick note from CCLA
Please be assured that your anonymity will be safe, and that your name and your organisation’s name will not be shared or made public in any way. The results of the survey – if they are disclosed at all – will only be disclosed in aggregate. i.e. No individual client will be identifiable in our public statements.

However, if you would like somebody at CCLA to contact you to discuss any concerns or questions that you have, you can select this option at the end of the survey.