Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales) Bill

In Wales, the rental sector plays an important role in meeting the housing needs of a wide variety of people, providing over 400,000 homes.

The private rented sector in particular, has long been considered the domain of the younger generation - single person households and students who value flexibility. However, the demographics of the sector are changing.

From older people to families with children, more people in Wales are looking to the private rented sector as a longer-term housing option.

Finding a safe, secure and stable home is therefore important and can bring a range of benefits, from health and wellbeing to providing a base for cohesive communities.

A time for change

The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 will replace nearly all existing tenancies when it is commenced – likely to be in spring 2021. The Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales) Bill  has been introduced with the aim of amending that legislation before it is commenced and improving security of tenure for those who rent their home in Wales.

The amendments include extending the minimum notice period for a ‘no fault eviction’ notice given under section 173 – Landlord’s Notice – from two months to six months, and to restrict the issuing of such a notice until six months after the occupation date of the contract. The impact of the amendments will be felt most by the private rented sector where no fault eviction notices, currently referred to as Section 21 notices, are most frequently used.

Why we would like to hear from you

Whilst the proposed amendments may provide greater security to contract-holders, (which is what we will call tenants under the new system to be introduced next year), the National Assembly for Wales’ Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee, also wants to understand the impact on landlords. In addition, focus groups will be held with tenants to gather their views.

Your voice matters. It can shape the work of the Committee and its scrutiny of the Welsh Government.

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