* 1. What is your name, job title, and company that you work for?

* 3. Approximately how many people does your company/employing organization now employ?

* 4. In what year was your organization founded?

* 5. How many linear metres or linear feet of documents are stored in your company’s archive? Please specify unit of measurement in your answer.

* 6. How many full-time equivalent employees work in the company archive?

* 7. Briefly describe how your company archive preserves Born Digital documents such as floppy disks and old emails. Does preserving Born Digital sources for posterity require more or less resources than preserving paper (hard copy) documents?

* 8. Material in corporate archives is used to support a range of different activities, such as marketing (messages to customers), internal communications (messages to workers), supporting decision-making by senior executives. Please rank the relative importance of these each of these activities to your archive?

* 9. Can you provide an example of how material in the archive allowed senior managers to make a better decision?

* 10. Would you be willing to answer additional questions from us about how your archive helps your company to achieve its objectives? Is so, please provide an email address. This address will NOT be shared.